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You may have received a wooden gear token at the Bloomington 4th of July Parade and are wondering what it is. It's not just to get you to come to our site or to learn more about who we are (but thank you for doing both of those!). Bringing it to Bloominglabs on a Public Night (every Wednesday between 7PM and 10PM) and presenting it to one of our members will get you something cool. Currently, that something is one session of up to 5 minutes of laser time--it may not sound like much, but the token you're holding took under a minute, so you can definitely make something even cooler. If you prefer to keep your gear, that's cool too--we still think you should come and check us out!

If you saw us at the parade and didn't get a wooden nickel, come in to Bloominglabs and look for LaserDan--he might have some left over...

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